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Dry Dock Hardware and Equipment


Hauling machinery

Chain and chain gear

Roller systems and wheels

Bilge block systems

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Crandall Dry Dock Engineers, Inc. has been serving the marine industry since 1854. Over the years, Crandall has grown not only as an engineering service company concerned with dry dock designs, but as a supplier of specialized hardware and equipment for use in dry dock systems.

The blend of broad engineering experience associated with dry dock design, along with constant product refinement and fastidious quality control, combine to produce good, reliable equipment at reasonable cost. Crandall hardware and equipment is carefully designed, manufactured, inspected and tested to result in the best performance. Special design consideration is always given to account for the products' frequent exposure to the hostile marine environment.

Crandall offers a diversified line of standard products. If, however, you have a dry dock hardware or equipment need that cannot be satisfied by standard products, call upon our experienced engineering staff. We are innovative, creative, knowledgeable, flexible, and always available to help our customers.

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Crandall Dry Dock Engineers, Inc.
Established 1854
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